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Buy Zopiclone online

Zopiclone is a drug that is used for the treatment of insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

It reduces the amount of time needed to get to sleep and eliminates nocturnal awakenings throughout the night.

Buy Zopiclone online

It is also an effective sedative with muscle-relaxing properties. Zopiclone should ideally only be used short term to avoid issues with dependence or withdrawal symptoms – ideally for 4 weeks or less.

Zopiclone is sold under various different brand names which include Zimovane, Datolan and Imovane.

Zopiclone tablets are sleeping pills (hypnotics) which work by acting on the brain
to cause sleepiness. They may be used for short term treatment of difficulties in
falling asleep, waking up at night or early in the morning or difficulty in sleeping
caused by events, situations or mental illness, which is severe, disabling or causing
great distress.


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